simplechat allows you to start a chatroom instantly. No need to register an account or any special programs. A modern webbrowser is enough.

How to start a new chat

Simple! Just append /chat/roomname to the current URL and you will get a chatroom called roomname. Replace roomname with an arbitrary text.

Or use this random chatroom.

To invite other people to your new shiny chatroom, just send them the URL.

Throwaway chatrooms

All created chatrooms are throwaway chatrooms. When the last one leaves the room, it will be gone until someone visits the chat again.

Nothing in the chat will be stored permanently on our servers.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this service does not use encryption. So please, don't share sensible data that might get you into trouble, there are much better tools for that (XMPP+OTR or GPG, for example).

Open source

simplechat is open source. Go get the sources on GitHub!